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Invitation for Youth representatives to join InnoCamp in Riga!

The Smart-up BSR-project wishes to invite youth representatives from Klaipėda and other respective regions. You have an opportunity to take part in the InnoCamp-program, have meaningful discussions and co-create the Baltic Sea Region-wide youth network with us!


"As we see youth taking action for climate and more including society in the streets and schools, we see a tremendous potential and a wish to influence to make an impact to the society. We are in need of channels to include this energy and potential in shaping the 21st century society. This is why the network of youth will be a tool to create channels and models for co-operation between the both groups in society to benefit, nurture and share all ideas to transform our society to be more including, sustainable and smarter", - hosts of the event says. 

In Riga, participants are going to make decisions on what would this network look like. If you would be interested, please contact and confirm your participation to the network coordinator Atte Leskinen, Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you know the perfect addition in creating the network!


What: Smart-up BSR Innovation Camp Riga on 25th Feb.

Where: House of Science of the University of Latvia, Jelgavas street 3, Riga

Who: Youth from age 15 to 24 with an interest in making an impact!

Sign up: 

Why: To make Baltic Sea Region-wide connections while forming a better tomorrow!

More info:,, and the Agenda for the event!


Smart-Up is a community in Baltic Sea Region, which enables the regions to engage with partners and to apply research and innovation potential in practice. This we call regional smart specialisation strategy implementation. The Smart-Up story is about piloting and experimenting with new solutions in societally important areas: healthy ageing, climate change, circular economy and smart city. And it doesn’t stop there. Smart-Up is about scaling results to the whole Baltic Sea Macro Region.


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