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Project "Baltic.AirCargo.Net"

Baltic.AirCargo.Net. Improvement of the air cargo transport sector by service oriented ICT-methods and processing logistic interfaces.

The general idea of the Baltic.Aircargo.Net covers the topics logistic, airfreight and ICT. The aim of the joint project is the establishment of a network for the development of value-added logistic services in the Baltic air cargo sector underutilization of modern, service-oriented logistic- and ICT-methods.

The strategic focus of the project is to analyse and to create the necessary organizational, political and ideational requirements for a final pilot test implementation of an innovative air cargo transport information system in the participating project regions (airport, hinterland).

The project "Baltic.AirCargo.Net" will further serve as a major communication platform on regional, national and international level to combine political and technical issues concerning the Baltic air cargo sector.

Project duration: 39 months (11.06.2010 - 10.09.2013).

Lead Partner - Wismar University of Applied Sciences: Technology, Business and Design (Germany).

Project Partners: Klaipėda Science and Technology Park and other partners from 8 European countries.

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Testimonials about 10 years of cooperation with KMTP

We are on the move and we are glad that our work is valued, there is no need to prove to anybody that in global modern space only those may remain who bravely implement innovative ideas, apply them in business. It is important for us that our Park community would strengthen and we all would gradually grow, the geography of our activities would broaden, while enterprises were happy by that what we can provide ... I would like to thank everyone who was with us for ten years by the words of French philosopher Blaise Pascal: ‘The past and present are our means: the future alone is our goal..."


Director of KSTP

Roma Stubrienė

The majority of innovative enterprises start their activities in small teams; therefore, KSTP is the best place to start business. The Park forms ideal conditions for creation and incubation of small enterprises. Small companies especially need help and space where they could grow and improve. I am glad that KSTP makes a very important contribution to promotion of small and medium business.

Chairman of Small and Medium Business Council of Klaipėda City Municipality

Aras Mileška