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Project "CleanShip"

CleanShip: Clean Baltic Sea Shipping.

In concert with the EU Maritime Transport Strategy 2018, Project CleanShip will ease the steps towards the long-term ZERO-WASTE, ZERO EMISSIONS strategy for European shipping. Furthermore, with its environmental innovations CLEANSHIP will contribute to the Gothenburg and Lisbon strategies.

The overall objectives of CLEANSHIP are:

  • To ensure a steady progress towards a coherent and comprehensive approach to reduce air emissions and greenhouse gas emissions from international shipping by combining technical, operational and market based measures.
  • To strengthen EU legislation regarding the abatement of ship-generated air emissions and waste waters, and to improve the implementation arrangements for land based infrastructure. In that regard, CLEANSHIP will aim to ensure both the availability of adequate facilities as well as administrative procedures to meet the expected growth of maritime traffic.

On the strategic level CleanShip will bring about harmonisation of environmentally related harbour dues and contribution to the development of a sustainable port index. On the technical level the project will develop best practice cases and technical pilot solutions regarding infrastructure for shoreside electricity, gas and LNG supply, and sewage reception in ports. CLEANSHIP thus seek solutions to the problems by policy, strategy and technology in a harmonised, standardised and concerted manner.

Project duration: 36 months (30.10.2010-29.09.2013).

Lead Partner - Port of Trelleborg (Sweden).

Project Partners: Klaipėda Science and Technology Park and other partners from 9 European countries.

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Testimonials about 10 years of cooperation with KMTP

We are on the move and we are glad that our work is valued, there is no need to prove to anybody that in global modern space only those may remain who bravely implement innovative ideas, apply them in business. It is important for us that our Park community would strengthen and we all would gradually grow, the geography of our activities would broaden, while enterprises were happy by that what we can provide ... I would like to thank everyone who was with us for ten years by the words of French philosopher Blaise Pascal: ‘The past and present are our means: the future alone is our goal..."


Director of KSTP

Roma Stubrienė

Each time when I cross the door of KSTP, I cannot stop wondering how many things are ongoing here. Sometimes I feel as if in a meadow, where a lot of bees are humming. Being at KSTP you seemingly may do nothing, however, just being here you are stuck with those pollen - thoughts, ideas and good energy.

Consultant at "Grand partners" UAB

Vaidas Levickis