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Project "Eco4Life"

Eco4Life: South Baltic Network for Environmental and Life Sciences to Boost Cross Border Cooperation

The project "Eco4Life-South Baltic Network for Environmental and Life Sciences to Boost Cross Border Cooperation" plans to network and bundle competencies in environmental and Life Sciences in the coastal regions of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the West Pomeranian Voivodeship and the Klaipeda County.

The overall idea of the project is to decrease existing differences within the South Baltic area with regard of access to knowledge, technologies and development in the field of knowledge based bio economy. The main focus is to integrate two further South Baltic regions (Klaipeda and Zachodniopomorskie) into the related international cooperation of business, science and administration.

Project duration: 38 months (01.07.2010 - 31.12.2013).

Lead partner - BioCon Valley (Germany).

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Testimonials about 10 years of cooperation with KMTP

In the implementation of passive, energy efficient and environment friendly house construction projects we receive important support and help from KSTP. Passive houses are future houses, for their construction we use innovative solutions, the Park together with a team of specialists helps us to publicise innovations and inform the public.

Representative of Cluster "Ecovizija"

Gediminas Butkus

We are on the move and we are glad that our work is valued, there is no need to prove to anybody that in global modern space only those may remain who bravely implement innovative ideas, apply them in business. It is important for us that our Park community would strengthen and we all would gradually grow, the geography of our activities would broaden, while enterprises were happy by that what we can provide ... I would like to thank everyone who was with us for ten years by the words of French philosopher Blaise Pascal: ‘The past and present are our means: the future alone is our goal..."


Director of KSTP

Roma Stubrienė