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Project "InoLab"

InoLAB: Intellectual business labarotory (Operational Programme for the Development of Human Resources for 2007-2013).

Project aim - to encourage intellectual entrepreneurship of scientists and researchers in forming entrepreneurial competencies and practical skills and using the synergy of science potential and innovation  support services.

The measures of scientists and researchers entrepreneurship promotion will be realized on the basis of practical knowledge and andragogy principles and the integration of the applicant and the partners' extensive experience in knowledge generation, entrepreneurship and technology transfer.

Objectives of the project:

to develop basic science and research competencies;

create, develop intellectual business;

develop practical skills of business modeling and partnership;

ensure availability and complexity of advisory innovation support services necessary for the development of intellectual business;

promote intellectual business.

Project duration: 24 months (22.12.2011 - 30.06.2014).

Leda Partner -Lithuanian Innovation Center.

Project partners – Klaipeda Science and Technology Park and other partners from Lithuania.

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Testimonials about 10 years of cooperation with KMTP

In the implementation of passive, energy efficient and environment friendly house construction projects we receive important support and help from KSTP. Passive houses are future houses, for their construction we use innovative solutions, the Park together with a team of specialists helps us to publicise innovations and inform the public.

Representative of Cluster "Ecovizija"

Gediminas Butkus

The majority of innovative enterprises start their activities in small teams; therefore, KSTP is the best place to start business. The Park forms ideal conditions for creation and incubation of small enterprises. Small companies especially need help and space where they could grow and improve. I am glad that KSTP makes a very important contribution to promotion of small and medium business.

Chairman of Small and Medium Business Council of Klaipėda City Municipality

Aras Mileška