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Project "MarTech_LNG"

"MarTech_LNG: Marine Competence, Technology and Knowledge Transfer for LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) in the South Baltic Sea Region" (South Baltic Programme)

The project aims at transferring tested and proven LNG knowledge and technology to implement into the South Baltic countries that are currently building LNG terminals.

The problematic nature of the project initiative is based on a current situation indicating that declared investments in Poland and Lithuania will not be a big benefit for the regional maritime industries because of the lack of technologies and relevant competences in respects of terminal construction and operation. This will instead be outsourced out of the countries of the SBR.Supplying the local maritime industries with the LNG building and operation knowledge will allow them to benefit from the investments and support the development of new products and services that are demanded in the global market thus strengthening the Baltic maritime Sector.

Further more the creation of a Baltic supply chain will establish cooperation in between regional maritime industries and scientific institutions - locally, nationally and internationally and support the creation of cluster development being able to respond to international tenders in the future.LNG appearance itself creates new business possibilities in transportation, port operations and energy sectors but it needs to be supported by scientific and technological knowledge to ensure a benefit for the local companies.

Project duration: January 2012 - December 2014

Project budget: 1,360,447.67 EUR

Project partners:

PP1/Lead partner: Klaipeda Science and Technology Park (LT)
PP 2: Klaipeda State Seaport Authority (LT)
PP3: Klaipeda Shipping Research Centre (LT)
PP4: Wismar University of Applied Sciences (DE)
PP5: ATI erc gGmbH (DE)
PP6: Maritime University of Szczecin (PL)
PP7: Blekinge Institute of Technology (SE)
PP8: Maritime Development Center of Europe (DK)

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Part-financed by the European Union
(European Regional Development Fund


Testimonials about 10 years of cooperation with KMTP

In the implementation of passive, energy efficient and environment friendly house construction projects we receive important support and help from KSTP. Passive houses are future houses, for their construction we use innovative solutions, the Park together with a team of specialists helps us to publicise innovations and inform the public.

Representative of Cluster "Ecovizija"

Gediminas Butkus

The majority of innovative enterprises start their activities in small teams; therefore, KSTP is the best place to start business. The Park forms ideal conditions for creation and incubation of small enterprises. Small companies especially need help and space where they could grow and improve. I am glad that KSTP makes a very important contribution to promotion of small and medium business.

Chairman of Small and Medium Business Council of Klaipėda City Municipality

Aras Mileška