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Project "RAIN"

The aim of the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6): project RAIN „Regional Acceleration for the INnovation circle in the ICT Sector (RAIN)"

The aim of RAIN project is to develop a program improving the regional investments in research and development (R&D) in the Baltic Sea region. The objective was achieved through learning the best practices, coordination and collaboration between national entities involved into development and implementation of regional policies and practices in R&D investment. The new innovations, how to use ICT in industry is the specific objective of the project.

Rationale of the RAIN project

  • To build up a network for smooth incorporating of the best practices and methods into regional policies to attract R&D investment and their growth.
  • The traditional industry could find new innovations by participating actively the European research and development programs.
  • In the future the European programs have to become better known in the regions among industry and authorities.
  • Use of ICT is one of the crucial means to find new innovations inside the companies.

Results of the project

  • Design and implementation of models, policies and methods to increase the potential of attracting R&D investment in regions.
  • Dissemination activities (seminars, workshops, conferences) aiming at sharing best practices in the focus area.
  • Development of training and exchange programs for ICT policy makers - Development of training for project managers.

Testimonials about 10 years of cooperation with KMTP

Each time when I cross the door of KSTP, I cannot stop wondering how many things are ongoing here. Sometimes I feel as if in a meadow, where a lot of bees are humming. Being at KSTP you seemingly may do nothing, however, just being here you are stuck with those pollen - thoughts, ideas and good energy.

Consultant at "Grand partners" UAB

Vaidas Levickis

I can firmly state that KSTP is an institution where the ideas are generated not for remaining on paper or deep in a drawer. They are effectively implemented, there is always a look to the future, and a further road is foreseen to ideas. This is a feature of a solid and responsible institution. As a resident of Klaipėda, not indifferent to the present and, even more to the future, I wish that KSTP as it was, so it also would be one of the most active, dynamic and creative economy engines not only at national level but also at wider spaces.

Mayor of Klaipėda City

Vytautas Grubliauskas