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Project "SIEK"

„Strong ecosystem of innovations - the guaranty of competitive business advantage (SIEK)"

The goal of the project is the strengthening of innovational ecosystem in order to increase competitive superiority in the west Lithuanian region. During the process of the project a lot of attention will be paid to strengthening regions generating high surplus value, both in government and in SME level.

Creation of complex innovational ecosystem QUATRO (science-business-government-press) is based on dialogue between different participants of the system, during the dialogue a mutual comprehension is being formed; participants understand their position, role and purpose in this system.

The objective group of the project - society, innovative companies and/or people who are oriented to changes and applying modern knowledge.

Activities of the project are dedicated to establishment and development of new, innovative, high and medium technologies - oriented business in West Lithuanian region, with a view to increasing regional competitive superiority.

KSTP will act as a conciliator for transferring technologies in forming: the comprehension of new technologies and innovational implementation, the employment of new management and marketing methods, protection of knowledge and intellectual property, the benefits of investment in human resources for marine sector‘s international competitive abilities. The main directions for strengthening competitive abilities: development of high surplus value making companies, rendering and implementing of technologies, the strengthening of present factors of competitive abilities, establishment of new companies, inducement of cluster processes in the marine sector.

Project duration: 24 months (01.04.2009 - 31.03.2011).

Declarant and minister of the project - Klaipeda Science and Technology Park.

Testimonials about 10 years of cooperation with KMTP

Arūnas Žlioba

We are on the move and we are glad that our work is valued, there is no need to prove to anybody that in global modern space only those may remain who bravely implement innovative ideas, apply them in business. It is important for us that our Park community would strengthen and we all would gradually grow, the geography of our activities would broaden, while enterprises were happy by that what we can provide ... I would like to thank everyone who was with us for ten years by the words of French philosopher Blaise Pascal: ‘The past and present are our means: the future alone is our goal..."


Director of KSTP

Roma Stubrienė