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Project "START"

START. Student entrepreneurship training in integrated science, studies and business centers (valleys) (Operational Programme for the Development of Human Resources for 2007-2013).

    Partnership of project START is formed based on the principle that all partners representing higher education and science and technology parks are directly related to the development concepts of the integrated science, studies and business centers (valleys).

    Separate Valley Development programs are prepared in accordance with the priorities of individual institutions of higher education and science and technology parks (STP) and the objectives, targets and establishing conditions defined in the concept.

    The aim of the project START is to develop students' entrepreneurial capacity by implementing their non-formal entrepreneurship education model. This is directly related to the 3rd objective of the Valleys development concept: 'to create a favorable environment for scientific knowledge and technology transfer to business."

    The project will enable apprenticeships of high school students and lecturers in Lithuanian and foreign private companies, thereby educating the target group of entrepreneurial skills and the promotion of higher education partnerships with various social partners. By participating in practice and in training students will gain practical skills in a real business environment, and will be prepared for concrete practical activities. Companies organizing apprenticeships will be presented with a new generation of professionals, their theoretical knowledge and practical opportunities.

Project duration: 24 months (09.11.2011 - 08.11.2013).

Leda Partner -KTU Regional Science Park.

Project Partners: Klaipeda Science and Technology Park and other partners from Lithuania.


Testimonials about 10 years of cooperation with KMTP

We have carried out a number of successful joint projects with KSTP. It is not only a reliable partner but also an institution contributing to creation of new jobs. For Lithuania currently it is an issue of topical relevance, therefore, the Park helping the youth to enter the labour market contributes to strengthening of the national economy. I wish that the cooperation between the Park and business were even closer.

Marketing and Administration Director of Klaipėda State Seaport Authority

Artūras Drungilas

Arūnas Žlioba