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Technology Evaluation

Founding a technology evaluation group

Relevant technology evaluation guarantees its wide application and commercial success. In order to ensure the maximal application and commercial effect of a new technology special evaluation groups able to assess the applicability and commercialization possibilities of a new technology have to be formed. The evaluation competences of the group are directly connected with the efficiency of the technological exchange. The KSTP experts will help you to duly evaluate the technology and prepare it for an exchange and commercial success.

Choosing a relevant evaluation methodology and its application

Technology evaluation is a thorough and complex process which requires special competences and tools. One of the major aspects in evaluation of a technology application is choosing the relevant methodology and application. The KSTP team will select the right evaluation methodology and evaluates your technology by:

  • stating technology peculiarities;
  • defining influential technologies;
  • describing the position of the technology in the context of other related technologies;
  • preparing a technology evaluation report.

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Testimonials about 10 years of cooperation with KMTP

The majority of innovative enterprises start their activities in small teams; therefore, KSTP is the best place to start business. The Park forms ideal conditions for creation and incubation of small enterprises. Small companies especially need help and space where they could grow and improve. I am glad that KSTP makes a very important contribution to promotion of small and medium business.

Chairman of Small and Medium Business Council of Klaipėda City Municipality

Aras Mileška

Our active cooperation with KSTP lasts for several years. We together with the Park and geothermal heat plant ‘Geoterma' AB carry out research concerning the use of geothermal water resources of Western Lithuania for balneotherapy, treatment, SPA procedures. We hope that this joint research will encourage making more efficient use of geothermal resources in our country and will help to develop health tourism.

Faculty of Health Science of Klaipėda University

Artūras Razbadauskas