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Project "MarineClean"

MarineClean. Marine debris removal and preventing further litter entry.

Main goal of the MarineClean project is to reduce marine littering and spillage of different oils from the seas, lakes and rivers and thus have a positive effect on marine ecology.

Therefore MarineClean project has few main outputs:

Proposed solutions will have positive effect on marine ecology: decreasing of marine litter in tested areas, higher number of cleaning groups/areas, higher share of edible/biodegradable packaging on ships, and a few of law changing proposals. All project products will be widely disseminated through web platforms and demonstration sessions in each participating country.

Project duration: 36 months (01.11.2011-31.10.2014).

Lead Partner - Turna, production and trade, d.o.o. (Slovenia).

Project Partners - Klaipeda Science and Technology Park and other partners from Croatia, Slovenia and Lithuania.

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