Applied scientific research

Applied scientific research involves experimental and (or) theoretical cognitive work which is, first of all, meant to address practical goals and to solve specific tasks. This research has a total of four stages:


Formulating the concept for applying the knowledge. The concept is formulated at the theoretical level, based on an analysis of the results received during the scientific research. In these cases, there is no evidence which provides the basis for the implementation of a specific concept.


Proof/confirmation for the implementation of the concept. Theoretical and experimental applied scientific research is performed, and its results are used to prove/confirm the assumptions about the separate elements of the product.


Creating and testing the layout (model) or a project with a design object. This activity covers the integration of the different (and essential) components for a future product, by seeking to confirm their systematic operations under laboratory conditions. A layout (model) or a project with a design object is still very far from the expected final product. The testing of a layout (model) or a design object usually shows that some additional applied scientific research is necessary. At this stage, some of the elements of experimental research may appear.


Checking a layout (model) by simulating real conditions and presenting a design object to the public. At this level, the layout (model) is very close to the final product. In addition, more components have been integrated into the layout (model). In seeking to confirm its actual operations, it is tested under laboratory or other test conditions, by simulating a real environment or by observing it in a certain social environment; a design object is provided and coordinated with the stakeholders for its implementation, or in order to establish the expediency of such an implementation. At this stage, some of the elements of experimental development may appear.

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