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Our intern is looking for a career opportunity in Klaipėda!

Hello there, welcome!

I am Timothy Roy, originally from Bangladesh and currently an undergraduate student of International Business at LCC International University. I consider myself a curious person and an active learner which fueled me to learn and study about various things by my own. I am passionate about using my knowledge and insight to solve problems and use it for practical purposes. My curiosity and learning abilities have enabled me to solve different business-related problems.

What is next?

I am looking forward to graduating from LCC on April, 2019. Currently, I am looking for a career opportunity in Klaipeda and I am open to new opportunities. I believe my strengths are in strategic planning, research, communication, leadership, marketing, etc. I am willing to learn and take responsibility if I am offered with new opportunities.

Why Klaipeda?

I have been in Klaipeda for 4 years studying International Business at LCC. Klaipeda is a beautiful city – the aesthetic Old Town, the Baltic Sea, and the clam and peaceful woods are just a few to mention. People in this town are respectful and hold a welcoming attitude towards foreigners.  Also, the city is a vibrant relic of history – the city’s culture is enriched by the existence of numerous museums and historical artifacts. In short, Klaipeda is a simple and a clam city yet beautiful and historically significant.

I have not only developed a passion and love for the city but also emerged myself into a diverse community in this city. Being an International University, LCC brings students from almost all over the world. Since I have studied at this university for the last four years, I have gotten an opportunity to meet and develop relationships with people from many different cultures. So, the community is one of the strong ties that I have in Klaipeda.

Furthermore, I have been actively involved with different businesses in Klaipeda in many ways. As a result, I have developed a number of business connections and gained trust from professionals and different corporations in Klaipeda. I see this connection as a great investment for my future.  

Lastly, because of Klaipeda’s aesthetic appeal, diverse community, business network and potential economic growth in the future, my friend and I have decided to move here as we conceive a future potential of starting our own business in this city.  

Please have a look at my CV

Contact me: +370 675 62116 




Vilhelmo Berbomo g. 10, Klaipėda


Universiteto al. 19, Klaipėda


Pilies g. 8, Klaipėda


  Klaipėdos mokslo ir technologijų parkas - Vilhelmo Berbomo g. 10, LT-92221 Klaipėda

  Telefono nr. +370 46 310461

  El. pašto adresas:


Klaipėdos mokslo ir technologijų parkas
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