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The aim of this project: to increase innovation capabilities of enterprises and promote them to develop R&D activities by providing innovation consulting and innovation support services.


In order to increase the competitiveness of economic subjects, it is necessary to promote business investment in research and experimental development and innovation (R&D) activities. It is crucial to promote business investment in research, experimental development and innovation activities in order to increase the competitiveness of economic entities.

Lack of knowledge in understanding the innovation cycle is very common among businesses in Lithuania. Struggles begin with failure to understand the product design concept and all the way up to its’ final delivery to the market.

During the project implementation stage, in order to resolve the aforementioned issue, innovation consulting and support services are provided to economic entities, that carry out or intending to carry out activities under the priority directions of scientific research and experimental (social, cultural) development and evolution of innovations (smart specialization).

These services encourage companies to actively develop R&D activities and contribute to their innovation and competitiveness.

The project assists in reducing the fragmentation of innovative consulting and support services provision. The implementation of the project involves public institutions (LIC) and science and technology parks (STP), whose main activity is to provide innovation consulting and/or innovation support services. Also, the national business associative structures, regional and branch business associations whose members carry out R&D activities.

The project lead partner coordinates provided specialized services, which meet the specific needs required by an innovative business. Services are delivered by project lead partner and partner personnel, skilled in providing highest quality counselling on the matter of innovation.

Project implementation period:  2017/04/01 – 2022/11/30.


Project value: 3 815 791.31 Eur.

Vilhelmo Berbomo g. 10, Klaipėda


Universiteto al. 19, Klaipėda


Pilies g. 8, Klaipėda


  Klaipėdos mokslo ir technologijų parkas - Vilhelmo Berbomo g. 10, LT-92221 Klaipėda

  Telefono nr. +370 46 310461

  El. pašto adresas:


Klaipėdos mokslo ir technologijų parkas
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