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Outcome of the "Green Propulsion" workshop, Klaipeda December 12th

On December 12th Klaipeda Science and Technology Park held an international "Green Propulsion Workshop"

The main topics were LNG fuel and scrubber technologies development. Event targeted to discuss recent experience and future of emissions reduction from ships. Seminar attracted a number of leading LNG and "scrubber" technology manufacturers such as Warstilla, Dansk Teknologi, Couple Systems, BLRT group and experts from DNV, Klaipeda University and Estonian Maritime Academy.



MarChain - Green Propulsion Workshop

The background of the topic is The International Maritime Organization (IMO) decision that all vessels sailing in the ECA must reduce Sulphur level in fuel oil to 0.1 % or clean the exhaust gas to an equivalent level by 2015

Lithuanian companies and research organizations do have a record of the successful green propulsion projects. In order to facilitate and develop the innovation project under the green propulsion topic it is necessary to implement linkage to the foreign technology and research suppliers.

In order to contribute to MarChain project KSTP will organize the event where the expertise on the existing green propulsion technology to facilitate business and research cooperation will be provided. This will facilitate a green propulsion supply chain by establishing access to the propulsion technologies for the refitting service providers and the end users.


AppEd Norway 2012 Review

Ninety system developers from Lithuania, Denmark, Singapore and Norway made the trip to Haugesund this year to take part in the biggest weekend on Omega's technology calendar - AppEd Norway 2012! "It was great fun to finally get together as many of our systems staff as possible for a weekend under the same roof.


Symposium „Offshore Wind Energy –Cross Border Solutions“

Symposium „Offshore Wind Energy –Cross Border Solutions“

How can innovative cross-border solutions in the sunrise industry of offshore wind look like? What technical challenges will the industry have to face over the next years and what does that mean in terms of human resources planning? What is the current status of scientific and industrial R&D? What are the main potentials for improvement through interregional cooperation and how can politics supportthese initiatives?



SUBMARINER News July 2012

Klaipeda Science and Technology Park is the partner of the project „Submariner: Sustainable Uses of Baltic Marine Resources". We invite you to read SUBMARINER News July 2012.




European Business Support Network dedicated to internationalization of regional economies

Small companies tend to prefer doing business in domestic markets, which restricts their opportunities for growth and sustainability. Roughly two thirds of European SMEs are not yet involved in international business activities and only a small percentage has experience in international business cooperation. Why are small companies so reluctant to take their business abroad?



Invitation to the international conference EastLink: the Way to Knowledge Economy


Klaipeda Science and Technology Park welcomes You to the 2nd International Conference "East Link: the Way to Knowledge Economy 2012!" OCTOBER 1-2nd

The International conference "East Link: the Way to Knowledge Economy" is organized in Lithuania every 2 years. The event is gathering science and business institutions from the Baltic States, Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kirghizia, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Moldova and the EU.



The third BalticSupply newsletter

Klaipeda Science and Technology Park is the partner of the project BalticSupply. We are pleased to present you the third BalticSupply project newsletter.

You will find the newsletter here: www.balticsupply.eu



Finalizing conference the North Europe LNG Infrastructure Project

The project focus is the LNG supply chain, spanning from LNG import terminals in Europe to the use of LNG in ships seen from a technical and operational point of view as well as from an economic point of view.

The outcome of the project is recommendations on the use of LNG as fuel, based on the problems (Why), the way ahead (What), the problem owners (Who) and the timeframe (When).

The recommendations are grouped as follows:

  • Bunkering solutions
  • Economic and financial aspects
  • Safety issues
  • Technical and operational aspects Infrastructure and the permit process
  • The aim of the conference is to focus on the way ahead for the deployment of LNG as a competitive fuel for ships.



Klaipeda built the world's first green tug

The "Western Baltic shipyard" built the first world's environmentally friendly tug boat for the clients from Denmark. The customers already praise Klaipeda shipbuilders even before pull force test in Denmark.


In Klaipeda there are no conditions to perform this kind of test because there is no rigid support that can withstand more than 65 tons of thrust. The depth of the port also doesn't allow implementing test in Klaipeda.





Invitation to the 2nd International Conference "EastLink: the way to Knowledge Economy" 2012

Klaipeda Science and Technology Park together with the partners kindly invites you 2nd International conference "EastLink: the way to Knowledge Economy", which taking part on October 1-2nd, 2012 in KLAIPEDA, Lithuania.




Blue Biotechnology Coperation Event in Germany:"New Strategies and Future Perspectives"

Within the scope of the SUBMARINER project, the Center for Marine Natural Products (KiWiZ) at GEOMAR and Norgenta North German Life Science Agency GmbH will host the Blue Biotechnology Cooperation Event "New Strategies and Future Perspectives".

The conference will be held at Kiel, Germany on 9-10 May, 2012.


The second BalticSupply newsletter

Klaipeda Science and Technology Park is the partner of the project BalticSupply. We are pleased to present you the second BalticSupply project newsletter.


2011-10-26 showEvent

Welcome to EWEA Offshore 2011 Brokerage Event WindMatch!

The WindMatch! is an international brokerage event focused on offshore wind technology and innovation. The event organised by Syntens and Enterprise Europe Network, the largest business support network in Europe, takes place at EWEA Offshore 2011 in Amsterdam on November 30th, 2011.


Conference "EastLink 2012: the way to knowledge economy"

Continuing initiatives from the EastLink 2010 Klaipeda Science and Technology Park invites you to the second international conference "EastLink 2012: the way to knowledge economy".

Testimonials about 10 years of cooperation with KMTP

Arūnas Žlioba

Our active cooperation with KSTP lasts for several years. We together with the Park and geothermal heat plant ‘Geoterma' AB carry out research concerning the use of geothermal water resources of Western Lithuania for balneotherapy, treatment, SPA procedures. We hope that this joint research will encourage making more efficient use of geothermal resources in our country and will help to develop health tourism.

Faculty of Health Science of Klaipėda University

Artūras Razbadauskas