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InnoAquatech Newsletter: December 2016


InnoAquatech Newsletter: December 2016 We are writing to share news with you about how "InnoAquaTech" has started its course towards making a big "splash" in our region!


Although the official start date was already in July, the project partners actually met for the first time in October, when a Kick Off meeting was held at the University of Rostock, Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.


The project: "Cross-border development and transfer of innovative and sustainable aquaculture" (aka. InnoAquaTech) for which BioCon Valley GmbH is lead partner, gathers 20 research, technology and development partners and associated partners from InnoAquaTech partners at the Rostock University Aquaculture Facility 4 countries in the South Baltic Region.


The two-day meeting was facilitated by Tommi Vollmann and Clara Coornaert from s.Pro who assisted the lead partner project coordinator, Valentin Eckart, in launching the project successfully. Already from the first coffee break the partners broke into energetic discussions and curiosity to learn about and from each other could not be hidden. The two days were used to discuss how to get the best out of the project and how to strengthen the outreach to companies in relevant value chain sectors. The meeting was also attended by Antanas Sabanas, project officer of the joint secretariat and ambassador of the South Baltic Program.


A first possibility to communicate the project was found a few weeks later when the University of Rostock hosted the project poster and presentation from their stand at the EuroTier Trade Fair, where more than 163.000 visitors attended, making it the world's largest exhibition for livestock farming. Besides traditional land-based livestock farming (cattle, pigs, and poultry), the aquaculture industry was also represented. This year's exhibitors included aquaculture system designers and manufacturers, professionals from national and international science and research centers, as well as public authority representatives and NGOs. In several podium discussions, relevant subjects of modern aquaculture were also addressed. Representatives from the University of Rostock were engaged actively in discussions with visitors and potential partners of the project.


The rest of the year has been spent finalizing project documents, making a communication plan and drawing up plans for the pilot sites, gathering information and screening of aquaculture activities in the region for mapping and general outreach. All in all, a positive start to the project and good momentum has been gained in this interesting cross-border project and we are all looking forward to the coming year....



InnoAquaTech can look forward to developing its visual identity in the New Year, when it will strengthen its messages and outreach through a project website which will be hosted and integrated into the dynamic web-portal of the EUSBSR Flagship network SUBMARINER.

A dedicated sub-section and partner portal for the project will be created as well as a project logo. We have great faith in the SUBMARINER Network team and look forward to a creative and fruitful cooperation throughout the coming months and years.


So keep an eye on the following address: www.innoaquatech.eu


The 2nd InnoAquaTech partner meeting will be in Gdynia, hosted by the Polish partners and where we will learn more about each other, make a field trip to an aquaculture site, arranged by the associate member, Polish Trout Breeders Association, as well as contributing to a professional training workshop for stakeholders.


Participants can look forward to having the possibility to expand their network to more Polish SMEs regarding innovative aquaculture production methods and with focus on RAS as they are invited to attend the Polish Annual Fish Congress on the 30/31st March in Sopot, when there will be a session dedicated to aquaculture development with the main topic of RAS and certification. Please note that the plenary sessions will be simultaneously translated into English.


We hope that you have enjoyed reading our news and that you will continue to follow us over the coming months. Please do share our information with your relevant networks.

With best wishes for the Christmas Season!


Dr. Heinrich Cuypers


Project Manager Lead Partner, BioCon Valley GmbH


Further information about the InnoAquaTech project can be obtained from:


Project Coordinator Aquaculture, Valentin Eckart, BioCon Valley GmbH, Walther-Rathenau-Str. 49a, D-17489 Greifswald +49 3834 515-302 ve@bcv.org

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