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Klaipedos Nafta jointly with Klaipeda University promotes a new study program


Klaipedos Nafta and Klaipeda University last week participated in Study fair held in Kaunas and presented a new study program - liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals engineering. Prospective students, who are seeking bachelor's degree will be invited for new studies in the coming fall.

This is a new and promising global engineering specialty, which was influenced by growing liquefied natural gas (LNG) market in Lithuania and the emerging LNG infrastructure around the world. LNG distribution station in Klaipeda is being built by Klaipedos Nafta and 5 of the 11 planned new floating and onshore LNG terminals are being implemented in the Baltic region. Worldwide LNG fleet in the upcoming years is about increase by 150 new LNG powered vessels, therefore future LNG terminal engineering program's graduates will have an opportunity to realize their skills and knowledge in a growing international labor market.

LNG terminals engineering, which will last 3.5 years, will offer a chance to study a lot of new exciting subjects such as LNG terminal's energy cycle or business engineering and project management.

This program was born after Energy and Education Ministries' initiative last year to establish LNG cluster, consisting of Klaipeda University, SC Klaipedos Nafta, SC Western Shipyard and Klaipeda Science and Technology Park.

"Our company is looking for various opportunities to optimize and make more efficient use of already operated LNG facilities and to build new, opening up prospects, in particular, to Klaipeda, Lithuania and the whole Baltic region's LNG market. We see that the quadripartite cooperation on energy, education, science and business fields can increase the scientific-technological-economic competitiveness of the country, as well as to encourage the LNG business and investments"- says Mantas Bartuška, SC Klaipedos Nafta CEO.

The new study program will also be presented on 4-6th February in Vilnius XIV international learning, knowledge and career planning exhibition "Studijos 2016". Tadas Matulionis, Klaipedos Nafta LNG department director will give a lecture on "Future specialty - LNG engineering" on 6th February at 2 p.m. The study program will be available at the Klaipeda Studies Regata'16, which will be held on 4th March.

More information on the website www.sgd.lt


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